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A Matrix is a rectangular array of numbers, letters or symbols. Each number/letter/symbol in the matrix is called an element. Consider the following matrix:

|1 2 1|

|2 3 1|

|0 1 2|

Since the above matrix has 3 rows and 3 columns, this is known as a 3x3 matrix. There are many operations that can be done to matrices to manipulate them in order to solve linear equations. For example, two matrices can be added together or subtracted by adding or subtracting the respective elements. For example,

If A = [1 2] and B [2 4], then A-B =

[1 2] – [2 4] = [-1 -2]

For the multiplication of two matrices, the following condition must be met: the number of columns of the first matrix has to equal the number of rows of the second matrix.

For example

If A=

|1 1|

|1 1|

And B =

|2 2|

|2 2|

Then A*B =

|4 4|

|4 4|

Thus it can be seen that the applicability of matrices can extend into many fields of Mathematics and Science, as it can be used to solve linear equations.

examples of matrix and bimatrix games in game theory

CB600 Game Theory CHAPTER ONE. GAME THEORY 1. Introduction Game Theory is the mathematical modelling of situations of conflict and competition. These occur in many areas of life: we can think of competing firms in business or conflicts between countries to be resolved by diplomacy or by militar

Defining Matrix Equations

a) Write a state equation for this system: d^2y / dt^2 + 3 dy / dt + 2y = u b) Add a new state in which x_3 = y - y_d where yd is the unit step and represents the desired output of the system. Write the new state equations treating yd as another input. c) Now, pick a vector k=[k,,k2,k3] such that if u=-kx, the new state will

Probability and Statistics - Creating Payoff and Regret Matrices

A student has an important exam coming up and is contemplating not studying for the exam in order to attend a party with his friends. The student must earn a minimum score of 70% on the exam in order to successfully maintain his desired GPA. Suppose the student knows in advance that the exam will consist of twenty multiple cho

Matrices with Matlab

Given A = [ 2 0 4 B = [ 3 5 2 1 4 -1 0 8 4 3 1 2] 1 0 9] C = [ 1 D = [ 1 4 2 -2 3] 3] Respond to the following: Q21. What is the

Matlab Matrices and Quadratic Equations

1. Use loops to create a 3 x 5 matrix in which the value of each element is the difference between the indices divided by the sum of its indices (the row number and column number of the element). For example, the value of the element (2,5) is (2-5) / (2+5) = -0.4286 2. Write the program indicated in the problem and use it to

Properties of Elementary Matrices

Please prove the statements shown below: 1. If the elementary matrix E results from performing a certain row operation on an identity matrix Im and if A is an m x n matrix, then the product EA is the matrix that results when this same roe operation is performed on A. 2. Every elementary matrix is invertible, and the invers

Solutions for System of Equations

Use the substitution method to find all solutions for the sytem of equations. Show work. Question: {2x +y = 7 {x + 2y = 2 Question: {x^2 + y^2 = 25 { y = 2x Question: { x^2 + y = 9 {x - y + 3 = 0) Question: { x^2 - y = 1 {2x^2 + 3y = 17 Use the elimination method to find all solutions of the s

Create an augmented matrix to repsent an economy under the Closed Leontief Model

A closed model for an economy identifies government, the profit sector, the nonprofit sector, and households as its industries. Each unit of government output requires 0.4 unit of government input, 0.3 unit of profit sector input, 0.3 unit of nonprofit sector input, and 0.4 unit of households input. Each unit of profit sector ou

Describe the graph with a given adjacency matrix. Find the number of simple paths connecting two concrete vertices in this graph. Find the the shortest simple path connecting these vertices. Construct the tree corresponding to the given structure of the college staff. Construct the tree after a certain change in this structure.

Task Background: Graphs and Trees are useful in visualizing data and the relations within and between data sets. Conversely, it is also important to be able to represent graphs as databases or arrays, so that programs for processing the data can be written. Part I: Adjacency Matrix and Shortest Path Construct a graph based

The Eigenvectors of a Self-Adjoint (Hermitian)

Please see the attachment for the full problem description and hint. Let T >= 0 be a strictly positive definite linear operator on a finite dimensional inner product space V over F = R or C. (a) Prove that the exponential map Exp: A -> e^A = sum infinity k = 0 1/kl A^k is one-to-one from the space of self-adjoint operators

A 2 by 2 rotation matrix

Question 4: Give an example of a 2 by 2 rotation matrix that rotates the point ( 4 , 5 ) into the square with corners ( -3 , -7 ) ( -1 , -7 ) ( -1 , -5 ) ( -3 , -5 ) You will probably need to experiment to find a suitable rotation. You can c

Multiplying matrices

Matrices Multiply: [■(1&2@3&0)][■(1@-1)] = Multiply: [■(-1&2@3&1)][■(2&4@3&1)] = Matrix A shows number of stocks holding by William and Michael: Matrix B shows price in dollars per share: Find inverse to the given matrix (see instructions on Blackboard in Course

Expected market share

Please help with the following problem. Provide step by step calculations. Consumers in a certain state can shoose between three long distance telephone services: GTT, NCJ and Dash. Aggressive marketing by all three companies results in continual shift of customers among the three services. Each year, GTT loses 30% of its cu

Input-output Closed model.

1) Use the input-output matrix and the Closed Model to find the ratio of yams to pigs produced. 2) Find [I-A]. Solve [I-A] [X]=0 Yams Pigs Yams 1/4 1/2 Pigs 3/4 1/2

Formulate a matrix equation and solve it.

Make sure to show all of the steps you used. a) Set up the matrix equation to solve the problem given below. Transportation Ace Trucking Company has an order for three products, A, B, and C, for delivery. The table below gives the volume in cubic feet, the weight in pounds, and the value for insurance in dollars for a uni

Reward matrix, Dominated strategies, Optimal strategies

Please state all your assumptions and show all your work. Define your decision variables clearly. Briefly explain your constraints and objective functions. Define all units of measure (e.g., hours, $, $/hour, etc.). Explain what software package you used (e.g., LINDO, LINGO, EXCEL solver, etc.). For EXCEL solver, be sure to give

Comparing corresponding elements of two matrices

I need step by step solutions for the following problems - 33 to 39. Find the values of the variables in the matrix. 33) [7 -8 = [x y 8 -1] 8 z] A) x = 7, y = -8, z = -1 B) x = 7, y = -8, z = 8 C) x = -8, y = 7, z = -1 D) x = 7, y = 8, z = -1 A bakery makes sweet rolls and donuts. A batch of sweet rolls re


44. Cost Analysis The Mundo Candy Company makes three types of chocolate candy: Cheery Cherry, Mucho Mocha, and Almond Delight. The company produces its products in San Diego, Mexico City, and Managua using two main ingredients: chocolate and sugar. a. Each kilogram of Cheery Cherry requires .5 kg of sugar and .2 kg of cho

Matrix Word Problem

Please answer the following Matrix Word Problem, and number 10, 22, and 30. Please show all your work in steps. When two kittens named Cauchy and Cliché were introduced into a household with Jamie (an older cat) and Musk (a dog), the interactions between animals were complicated. The two kittens liked each other and Jamie


Fine the equation of the least square lines. 11) The paired data below consist of the cost of advertising (in thousands of dollars) and the number of products sold (in thousands of dollars) Cost (x)| 9 2 3 4 2 5 9 10 Numbe(y)| 85 52 55 68 67 86 83 73 12) Solve the problem. A meteorologist in the Upper Peninsula of Mich

Matrix Computation

Here is the problem I need help with. Let A= -1 2 1 3 (a) Find A ^ -1 (b) find A ^ 3 (c) Find (A ^ -1) ^ 3 (d) (The part that really has me stumped) Use your answers to (b) and (c) to show that (a ^ -1) ^ 3 is the inverse of A ^ 3.

Periodic Coefficients Floquet Multipliers

The text we are using is "A Second Course in Elementary Differential equations" by Paul Waltman. This section begins on page 77. Here is the link to the book

Mathematics - Functions, Equations & Matrices

For each function, determine the domain: a) b) 2) For each function, determine the range: a) b) 3) Consider the function . a) Present a graph of the function. b) List all x-intercepts c) List all y-intercepts d) Identify the vertex 4) The revenue for selling x units of a product is R = 45.95x. The

Equations and graphing

See attached 1) Best Rentals charges a daily fee plus a mileage fee for renting its cars. Barney was charged $ 147 for 3 days and 300 miles, while Mary was charged $ 268 for 5 days and 600 miles. What does Best Rental charge per day and per mile? Write an equation for the line. Use slope-intercept form, if possible.

Matrix formulation for interpolation of data

In the attached article, the author proposes a way to interpolate quarterly values when only annual values are available. The only page of this article which is useful for this problem is page 66 (or the second page in this attachment). I am trying to understand the very first step, which is how to get from the statement of t

Question on chromatic number of graph, adjacency matrix and list.

Please see attached questions. This is three questions. Question #1 - find the chromatic number of the graph. Question #2 - It might be supposed that if a graph has a large number of vertices and each vertex has a large degree, then the chromatic number would have to be large. Show that this conjecture is incorrect by co