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Inverse Matrix

If matrix A = [given], solve for the inverse matrix A-1. *(Please see attachment for complete problem)

Matrix Solutions

Determine the value of K for which the system has no solutions. (See attachment for full question)

Matrix System

{ x + y = 6 { 4x - 2y = 42 {10x - 2y = 96 (See attachment for full question)

Matrix Systems

Solve the System {x1 + x2 = -4 {x2 + x3 = 3 {x3 + x4 = -5 {x1 + x4 =-12 (See attachment for full question)

Matrix Systems

Solve the System { x1 - x2 - 3x3 = 6 {5x1 - 4x2 - 4x3 = 6 {2x1 + +16x3 =-36 (See attachment for full question)

Matrix System

{ 4x1 + x2 = -9 { 12x1 + 3x2 = -27 (See attachment for full question)

Matrix (Row Operations)

Solve the given system using matrices (row operations). *(Please see attachment for complete problem)

Augmented Matrix

Write the augmented matrix of the given system. *(Please see attachment for system)

Matrix Determinant

Find the determinant of the matrix... (See attachment for full question.)

Matrix Product

[-1 4 4 ][ 3] [ 0 -5 1 ][-4] = ? [ 4 1 -3 ][ 3] (See attachment for full question)

Matrices : Inverses and Determinants

2. (a) Find the matrix {see attachment}, evaluate |A| and use this to find {see attachment} (b) The matrices A and B are given by {see attachment}. Find A-1 and show that B-1 does not exist {see attachment for proper citation}.

Matrix operations

Let G = GLsub2 (R). a) show that T = {[a b] ad not equal to 0} is a subgroup of G {[0 d] } b) Show that D = {[a 0] ad not equal to 0} is a subgroup of G {[0 d]

Important information about eigenvectors and eigenvalues

Let V be the set of real valued sequences {see attachment}. ? Check that V is a vector space over the field of real numbers, using addition of vectors {see attachment} and scalar multiplication {see attachment}. Let T be the linear shift map sending {see attachment}. ? Check that T is a linear transformation and comput

Hessian Matrix Problem

Identify the critical points and determine their nature (local max, local min, saddle, degenerate) using the Hessian of teh function f(x,y,z) = x^2+y^2+2z^2+xz

Angles and matrices

Project 3 2. Lance Armstrong won the 2003 Tour de France. The wheel on his bike had a 63 inch diameter. His average speed was 40 km / hour. What was the angular speed of the wheel in revolutions per hour? 3. A construction company is making picnic pavilions where the roof will be supported by two sets of beams. The bea

Matrices Questions

Please give step by step solution in detail. Determine if b is a linear combination of the vectors formed from the columns of the matrix A. A = 1 -4 2 , b = 3 0 3 5 -7 -2 8 -4 -3 2) List 5 vectors in span (v1, v2). For each vector show the weights on v1 and v2 used to generate the vector and

Matrices : Vector Equations

Please give step by step instructions and name each step like triangular form, augmented matrix etc so I know when and what to do and can understand it. We are not using calculator so the steps need to be shown to the solution. 1) Compute u + v and u - 2v u = -1 ; v = -3 2 -1 2) Display the following vector

Matrix reduction

I am to use matrix reduction on this problem. I can solve systems by matrixs with out any problem but I can't seem to set up the two equations for this problem so that I can even turn them into a matrix and solve. A company produces desks on both the east and west coast. The east coast plant, fixed costs are 16000 per year an

Euclidean Group : Forming a Group under Matrix Multiplication

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. The Euclidean group is defined as E3 ={X R 4 4 | X = , R O3, t R 3} Where O3 is a 3 3 orthogonal matrix, therefore R is an element in O3. R 4 4 means real 4 4 matrix vector space. R 3 means real 3-dimensional vector space. 0 in

Multiply matrices

Multiply matrix a by matrix b matrix a: row 1 = [0 1 2] row 2 = [-1 4 .5] row 3 = [1 3 0] matrix b: row 1 = [3 -1 5] row 2 = [0 2 2] row 3 = [4 -6 0]