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I have attached the problems. 1. Write the augmented matrix for the given system: Answer HTML Editor 2. Use the system in problem #1. Without interchanging any of the rows in the augmented matrix, what is the first value which will be replaced with zero when using the Gaussian Elimination method? A. -1 B

Geodesic Frames

Please solve attached part b. Suppose that x<-->A(x) is a smooth mapping from a neighborhood U of R^n containing 0 into the SO(n) matrices, defined by the relations....Show that for any vector field X on U.....


Find the inverse (see attached)

Vectors and direct sums

Please show all work. Thanks. See attached for proper formatting Question 1 Let B={v1,...,vn} be a basis of a subspace V of Rnx1. Let x be the nonzero vector x=a1v1+...+anvn for scalars ai. Let C={x, v2,...,vn}. a) Show that if a1 is not equal to 0 then C is also a basis. b) Show that if a1 =0 then C is not a basis.

Transition matrix

Please show all work. Find the transition matrix representing the change in coordinates...(see attached)

Matrix Theory: Linear Combinations and Orthonormality

Three vectors v1, v2 and v3 are given (see attachment). 1. show that v1, v2 and v3 are orthonormal 2. vector w is given (see attachment). Find <w,v1> , <w,v2> and <w,v3> 3. Is w a linear combination of v1, v2 and v3? If yes, what is the combination? If not, why not? 4. is the given vector u (see attacment) a linear comb

Similar matrices

Please see the attached pdf. Thank-you so much for your help. Show A and B have the same eigenvalues with the same algebraic multiplicity, and the same geometric multiplicity; A and B are not similar matrices.

Matrix problem

Four theaters comprise the Cinema Center: Cinemas I, II, III, and IV. The admission price for one feature at the Center is $2 for children, $3.50 for students, and $5.75 for adults. Suppose that on a particular Sunday 240 children, 100 students, and 75 adults attended the evening show in Cinema I; 60 children, 240 students, and

Matrices and word problems

A contractor employs carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, working three shifts per day. The number of labor-hours required for carpenters in shift 1 is 40 hours, electricians in shift 1 is 28 hours, and plumbers in shift 1 is 9 hrs. The number of labor-hours required for carpenters in shift 2 is 18 hours, electricians in shif

Gauss-Jordan elimination

Set up the augmented matrix while using Gauss-Jordan elimination to solve the system. Provide some notation showing how to proceed from one augmented matrix to the next. 3x-6y+9z=0 4x-6y+8z=-4 -2x-y+z=7

Matrix theory homework

Please see the attached file. Thank-you for your help. Find a matrix A which takes...Is it possible to find a matrix C which takes...

Matrix theory homework

Please see the attached problem. Thank-you Suppose that A = S&#923;S-1 where S = and &#923; = Find the eigenvalues of A. For each, give the algebraic multiplicity, geometric multiplicity, and describe the eigenspace.

Matrix theory homework

Please see the attached problem. Thank-you Diagonalize the following matrices (if possible). You may use technology to find the eigenvalues, to row reduce matrices, and to find inverses, but that's all. Show your work. Think about easy ways to check your answers. (a) M= (b) N=

Matrix theory homework

Please see the attached file thank-you for your help. Let A be an n x n matrix, and suppose "T" is a subspace of . Define A(T) to be the set that results from multiplying "A" times vectors in "T" in all possible ways; that is, . (a) Show that A(T) is also a subspace of . (b) For the particular case that A = And T

Matrix theory homework

Please see the attached file. Thank-you for your help. Suppose that u1, u2, . . . , ut are vectors in Cn (complex number) which are linearly independent. (a) Also suppose that "M" is an n x n matrix that is invertible. Show that Mu1, Mu2, . . . , Mut are linearly independent vectors. (b) This isn't true when "M" is

Eigen value and invertible matrix

(a) Suppose that "A" is a square matrix which is not invertible. Prove that zero is an eigenvalue for "A". (b) Is the converse true? That is, is it true that if zero is an eigenvalue of "A" then "A" is not invertible? Justify your answer.

Matrix theory and analysis

Please see the attached document for homework specifics. Thank-you. Suppose that A and B are invertible n x n matrices A. Show that if c &#8800; 0, then cA is invertible. Justify your answer, using the definition of an invertible matrix. What is (cA)-1 ? B. Must A + B be invertible? If so, show that is it; if not

Matrix theory and analysis homework

Please see the attached document regarding homework specifics. Thanks so much for your expertise. Do the vectors v1, v2, v3 span C? Justify your answer. Are the vectors v1, v2, v3 linearly independent?

Matrix theory and analysis homework

Please see the attached document regarding homework specifics. Thank-you so much for your help. For each eigenvalue find the corresponding eigenspace and a set of vectors which span the eigenspace.

Matrix inverses

Please see attached file Solve all these problems using matrix inverses. You have seen these problems before and have used other means to solve them, please disregard those solutions and solve these using only matrix inverses.


I am unclear as to how some scalars have been calculated. I know what the two vectors and the inverse covariance variance matrix are but please could you clarify the operations required to compute into a single number? There is also a set of data on page two that needs computing along with a general explanation of how to do it.

RE: Algebra

Problem1.How are the inverse Matrices used to solve linear systems. Explain in your own words with example. Problem 2. In the matrix Algebra why does there have to be right and left distributive properties.

Numerical Analysis Help

The problems I need solved are attached. Please provide as much detail as possible and include comments for the code done in MATLAB, so I can understand. Thanks Assume that a computer can perform 10^6 multiplications per second. Estimate the time that it would take to evaluate the determinant of a 100x100 matrix...