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    Matrix Lookup Email System

    Matrix below represents a company's internet email system which links four offices. A B C D A 0 1 0 1 B 1 0 1 1 C 1 1 0 0 D 0 1 0 0 Here row label indicates the source (from) and column label indicates the destination (to). a) List the offices to which office A can send a message directly. b) List the offices th

    Reward matrix, Dominated strategies, Optimal strategies

    Please state all your assumptions and show all your work. Define your decision variables clearly. Briefly explain your constraints and objective functions. Define all units of measure (e.g., hours, $, $/hour, etc.). Explain what software package you used (e.g., LINDO, LINGO, EXCEL solver, etc.). For EXCEL solver, be sure to give

    Multiplication matrix and inverse matrix: Real life examples

    I am looking for examples of each of these, a couple of each would be great. I am having problems explaining to my daughter whom I homeschool how matrix multiplication and matrix inverse are used in our society today. Not just how each is used but how crucial this is in problem solving in real life. could you be kind enough to h

    Matrix Algebra - Linearly independent

    Suppose A is a 5 by 4 matrix, b is a vector in R^5, and p = [-2 1 0 4] is a solution of the equation Ax = b. For each of the following statements, determine whether the statement is true, false, or cannot be determined from the information given. (a) The vector b is in the span of the columns of A. (b) The equation Ax = b

    Direct Labor Variance Matrix: Example Problem

    Direct labor variance matrix, there are three factors: (1) Actual hour x Actual rate, (2) Actual hour x Standard rate (3) Standard hours x standard rate. Using the numbers, indicate the formuas for each of the direct labor variances.

    Nonzero Vector Matrix Algebra

    Let A be a 2 by 3 matrix whose rows, v1 and v2 are nonzero, nonparallel vectors in R3. Why is any nonzero vector x that satisfies the equation Ax = 0 a normal vector for the plane spanned by the vectors v1 and v2? Suppose E is a 3 by 5 matrix and F is a 5 by 3 matrix. Why is it not possible for the matrices to commute? Tha

    Description of an Augmented Matrix

    Question: Suppose you have three points (x_1, y_1), (x_2, y_2), (x_3, y_3), and you wish to find a quadratic polynomial, y = a + bx + cx^2), whose graph goes through these points. When solving the resulting system of three equations in the three unknowns a, b, c, suppose the system turns out to be inconsistent. What must be true

    Augmented Matrix explained in this answer

    The equations of three lines are given below. Use row reduction to determine whether these lines intersect in a single point. If so, identify the point x_1 + 2x_2 = 4 3x_1 + 5x_2 =8 -x_1 +x_2 = 5

    Comparing corresponding elements of two matrices

    I need step by step solutions for the following problems - 33 to 39. Find the values of the variables in the matrix. 33) [7 -8 = [x y 8 -1] 8 z] A) x = 7, y = -8, z = -1 B) x = 7, y = -8, z = 8 C) x = -8, y = 7, z = -1 D) x = 7, y = 8, z = -1 A bakery makes sweet rolls and donuts. A batch of sweet rolls re

    matrix of the composition

    Let T1 : R2 → R2 and T2 : R2 → R2 be the matrix transformations induced by the matrices M1 and M2 respectively, where M1= -1 0 and M2= 0 -1 0 1 -1 0 Find the general formula for the transformations T1 and T2, and determine the geometric meaning of T1 and T2. Find the matrix o


    44. Cost Analysis The Mundo Candy Company makes three types of chocolate candy: Cheery Cherry, Mucho Mocha, and Almond Delight. The company produces its products in San Diego, Mexico City, and Managua using two main ingredients: chocolate and sugar. a. Each kilogram of Cheery Cherry requires .5 kg of sugar and .2 kg of cho

    Gaussian elimination on the augmented matrix

    Consider the following system x_1 + x_2 + 2x_3 = a x_1 + x_3 = b 2x_1 + x_2 + 3x_3 = c a) Find the echelon form of the system b) Find conditions (if possible) on the numbers a, b, and c so that the system has no solution, a unique solution, or infinitely many solutions. c) Find specific values for a, b, an

    greatest difference in death rates between males and females

    The following tables give the death rates, per million person trips, for male and female drivers for various ages and number of passengers.* a. Write a matrix for the death rate of male drivers. Please show all work. Answer only #44 the problem is attached.

    Matrix Word Problem

    Please answer the following Matrix Word Problem, and number 10, 22, and 30. Please show all your work in steps. When two kittens named Cauchy and Cliché were introduced into a household with Jamie (an older cat) and Musk (a dog), the interactions between animals were complicated. The two kittens liked each other and Jamie


    Fine the equation of the least square lines. 11) The paired data below consist of the cost of advertising (in thousands of dollars) and the number of products sold (in thousands of dollars) Cost (x)| 9 2 3 4 2 5 9 10 Numbe(y)| 85 52 55 68 67 86 83 73 12) Solve the problem. A meteorologist in the Upper Peninsula of Mich

    Matrix Computation

    Here is the problem I need help with. Let A= -1 2 1 3 (a) Find A ^ -1 (b) find A ^ 3 (c) Find (A ^ -1) ^ 3 (d) (The part that really has me stumped) Use your answers to (b) and (c) to show that (a ^ -1) ^ 3 is the inverse of A ^ 3.

    Periodic Coefficients Floquet Multipliers

    The text we are using is "A Second Course in Elementary Differential equations" by Paul Waltman. This section begins on page 77. Here is the link to the book http://books.google.com/books?id=e1euiBF73yIC&dq=A+Second+Course+in+Differential+Equations+Paul+Waltman&printsec=frontcover&source=bl&ots=imup9X2PbZ&sig=g1__chkwNHxDDg-

    Inverse of a Matrix.

    Find the inverse of a matrix. Matrix row 1 = [-1 2] row 2 = [1 3] Find the inverse of this matrix. a) Find A-1 b) Find A3 c) Find (A-1)3 d) Use your answers to (b) and (c) to show that (A-1)3 is the inverse of A3.

    transpose of your matrix

    Use Matlab commands to: (i) define the identity matrix of order 4; (ii) define the zero matrix of size 3 * 5; (iii) augment a 4*4 matrix A of your choice by a 4*1 column matrix b of your choice; (iv) retrieve the 23 entry in your matrix A in part (iii) above; (v) find the transpose of your matrix A in part (iii) above.

    Linear Operators - Gauss-Jordan Method

    Use Gauss-Jordon method to solve the following system of equations: 2s + y - z =1 x -2y + 2z = 7 3x + y + z =4 I have completed... 2 1 -1 1 1 -2 2 1 1 -2 2 7 R1 <->R2 2 -1 2 7 R1 x 2 3 1 1 4 3 1 1 4 R2 - R1

    Mathematics - Functions, Equations & Matrices

    For each function, determine the domain: a) b) 2) For each function, determine the range: a) b) 3) Consider the function . a) Present a graph of the function. b) List all x-intercepts c) List all y-intercepts d) Identify the vertex 4) The revenue for selling x units of a product is R = 45.95x. The

    Matrix function to estimate helmet injuries

    From the story I have gathered the following information. full helmets vs half helmets compared (rates per 1000) for specific injuries. Half helmets Full helmets Head/Face injuries 3.54 1.41 Concussions 1.53 1.57 Neck Injuries

    Solving a Multi Part Matrix

    Question: Let A = {a, b, c}, and let R be the relation defied on A defined by the following matrix: MR = [ 1, 1, 1] [1, 1, 0] [0, 1, 1] (a) Describe R by listing the ordered pairs in R and draw the digraph of this relation. (b) Which of the properties: reflexive, antisymmetric and transitive are tru

    Real Matrix with Upper Triangular Block Structure

    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem statement ** Let A be a real matrix having the upper triangular block structure A_11 A_12 A_13 ... A_1n 0 A_22 A_23 ... A_2n 0 0 A_33 ... A_3n . . . . . . .

    Matrix work polynomial

    See attached Find the characteristic polynomial and the eigenvalues Find a basis for the eigenspace of each of the distinct eigenvalues Factorize A

    Equations and graphing

    See attached 1) Best Rentals charges a daily fee plus a mileage fee for renting its cars. Barney was charged $ 147 for 3 days and 300 miles, while Mary was charged $ 268 for 5 days and 600 miles. What does Best Rental charge per day and per mile? Write an equation for the line. Use slope-intercept form, if possible.

    system of equations described by a singular matrix

    Determine the solutions of the system of equations whose matrix row is equivalent to 1011 0131 0000 Give three examples of the solutions. Verify that the solutions satisfy the original system of equations.

    Matrix operations.

    See attached document. 1) Finding the size of each matrix, finding the values of any variables, and identifying any square, row, or column matrices. 2 8 = a b 10 r c 18 2) Given the matrices A = 4 10 B = 2 3 -2 C = 5 0 D = 6 -2 -3 2 4 0 -1 3

    Matrices and Systems of Equations - MTH212 Unit 3

    1. To raise money, the local baseball teams decided to sell team logo hats (H) and T-shirts (T). The league director decided to hold a contest among the teams to see which team can raise the most money. The contest lasted for 3 weeks. Here are the results of the first 2 weeks. The numbers represent the number of hats and T-shirt