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Matrix function to estimate helmet injuries

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From the story I have gathered the following information.
full helmets vs half helmets compared (rates per 1000) for specific injuries.
Half helmets Full helmets
Head/Face injuries 3.54 1.41
Concussions 1.53 1.57
Neck Injuries .34 .29
Other injuries 7.53 6.21

Equal number of players wear each type of shield and total number of athletes exposed for the season is 8000. I am suppose to use matrix functions to estimate the total number of injuries in each type. Help Please.... How do I go about setting up and solving this?

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Detailed steps and matrix setup to take a table of data and set up a matrix function.

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First, you need to get the table data into a matrix. Then, multiply the matrix by the number of thousands of athletes explodes. In this case, 8. After the ...

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