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    Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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    Discuss the laws surrounding motorcycle helmets in New Jersey and some of the main arguments for and against motorcycle helmet use in 1000-1500 words.

    You do not need to argue for one side or the other. Instead, aim to demonstrate an understanding of both sides of the issue and make compelling points to support each side.

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    New Jersey law requires that all motorcycle riders wear a helmet. Approved helmets are full face, three-quarter, and one-half helmets. These helmets cover the person's head and ears with some covering the chin and providing eye protection. New Jersey does not allow drivers to wear "skull caps." "Skull cap" helmets only cover the top part of the head like a baseball cap without the bill. All helmets must be DOT approved.

    I live in PA, which is a state that does not require helmets. But I live close to MD, which does require helmets. Many people stop at the state line and take their helmets off. They do not like to wear them. Many argue that helmets impair one's ability to hear or see the environment around them. They are hot and heavy and can be uncomfortable. One is more likely to suffer a neck injury if wearing a helmet. Some countries do not have motorcycle helmet laws. And those who conduct studies on motorcycle helmets in the USA are more likely to twist the ...

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