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    Use of Motorcycle Helmets

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    New Jersey law requires that all motorcycle riders wear a helmet. Approved helmets are full face, three-quarter, and one-half helmets. These helmets cover the person's head and ears with some covering the chin and providing eye protection. New Jersey does not allow drivers to wear "skull caps". "Skull cap" helmets only cover the top part of the head like a baseball cap without the bill. All helmets must be DOT approved.
    I live in PA, which is a state that does not require helmets. But I live close to MD, which does require helmets. Many people stop at the state line and take their helmets off. They do not like to wear them. Many argue that helmets impair one's ability to hear or see the environment around them. They are hot and heavy and can be uncomfortable. One is more likely to suffer a neck injury if wearing a helmet. Some countries do not have motorcycle helmet laws. And those who conduct studies on motorcycle helmets in the USA are more likely to twist the numbers in favor of motorcycle helmets due where their funding comes from.
    However, research does show that helmets save lives and reduce the damage done to the rider. This is because the helmet takes the impact instead of the person's skull. Public polls also show that the USA public supports the use of helmets. Those who wear helmets also state that they do not impair hearing or vision.
    Honestly, I was just in a motorcycle accident on Monday. I was wearing a helmet. I have friends who do not wear helmets, including my brother. I am thankful I was wearing my helmet. I did receive a concussion and my neck still hurts from the impact. However, if I had not been wearing my helmet, I would still be in the hospital. Now despite this, my brother will still not wear his helmet. He figures if it is his time to go then it is his time to go. He likes having the freedom of choice. He likes the ability to choose. He also does not wear long pants, a jacket, or gloves when riding. I do wear these items. These items saved me a lot of physical damage. I do respect that one might not want to take these safety measures.
    Now those who do oppose mandatory helmet laws generally do support the mandatory use of helmets for minors. It is interesting that those who do not believe that adults need to be protected believe that children do need to be protected.
    I understand this is not as long as you requested. However, I believe that I was able to succulently summarize the pros and cons of helmets. If you want/need more, just let me know and I will expand.

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    You present a good initial argument both for and against the use of helmets. I think your personal experience is a great thing to have added in, as it provides support for the reasons why they should be worn.

    First off, let me say that I am ...

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