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    Cost Benefit Analysis of Promoting Healthy Behaviors

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    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing public policy level intervention to promote healthy behaviors. Please provide references and a min of 250+ words.

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    When leaders of a community choose to make it a public policy to promote healthy lifestyles, then the standards set a solid foundation for probable cost savings and longevity. While each community is unique, generally, chosen officials reflect the sentiment of a community. If the public, at large, support health education then the leaders will find more cooperation in carrying out the objectives.

    Some might argue that it isn't the business of the government to dictate how the citizens live their personal lives, but others could suggest that it is the business of government to look out for the good of the people, especially when it comes to spending and saving money. An exception might be a region that thrives on the sale of products that do not promote healthy behaviors such as tobacco crops in the south or a community that makes chocolate or alcohol (as an example). In moderation, many will agree that these products may not be a death-threat. However, the ...

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    Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing public policy in health promotion is discussed.