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Community Health: Preventing and Managing Disease

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If you were a health psychologist would you be more interested in preventing disease or managing it? Why? Describe how you might design a community health campaign. In your description, consider both risky behaviors and health promoting behaviors.

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If I were a health psychologist I would be very interested in preventing disease, because I feel it is better to stop or prevent something before it starts; however, because so many mental health diseases are genetic, this could be more difficult to do. By managing it, you could help those with mental health diseases be able to live a ...

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How do you start a campaign in your community for community health? Is it better to prevent disease or to manage it?

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Public health and the maintenance of the same is integral to any developed nation. To that end, in the United States, federal, state, and local agencies must work to establish guidelines, rules, and requirements that provide baselines to protect the health of the public at large. I need to answer the following questions in a presentation of 2-3 pages, and provide properly cited sources to support it:
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I need this delivered in the length of about 5-7 pages

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