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    The Value of Prevention in Health Care

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    Various historical forces have shaped health care delivery in the United States. Today's health care administrators must understand how and why these historical forces have impacted service delivery in order to fully grasp the current context of the U.S. health care system.

    Review the list below and select one of the following to be the focus of your discussion posting:

    -Hospitals as centers of care
    -Financing (e.g., private and government-provided insurance)
    -Technology and scientific discoveries
    -Population changes and shifts in disease burden (e.g., increasing life expectancies, rise in chronic illnesses)
    -Consumerism and direct-to-consumer marketing

    -Rules and regulations
    -Public health

    1.) Identify the historical force you are addressing in the first line of your posting.

    2.) Describe changes and growth related to the health care system and health services, explaining how this historical force has impacted the delivery of health care in the United States. Include a description of two or more specific events or developments related to this historical force that have been particularly influential.

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    Health education has been around indirectly for decades but not until the turn of the (20th) century did real public health education take place. With the discovery of microscopes, vaccination and sanitation and later public offerings such as Medicaid and Medicare, communities began to realize the value of preventing illness and debilitating disease rather than early mortality.

    Actions as simple as hand-washing and awareness of diet choices evolved. The human life span wasn't anywhere close to what it is now. Early on some might have thought it was odd to prevent disease, when a doctor or corporation could make money from surgery and medical visits. However, as time went on, it became more clearly understood that HMOs, PPOs and other cost containment programs had difficulty paying for expensive and complicated problems as cancer and heart ...

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    A historical perspective of prevention in health care is discussed.