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Health Care Costs and the Evolution of the Promotion of Health and Disease Prevention in the United States

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Analyze the evolution of the promotion of health and disease prevention in the U.S. and identify the point at which a clear shift in the thinking in the dominant culture occurred resulting in the greatest impact on the health care insurance system in the U.S. Include at least one reference.

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Initially, health care and prevention in the U.S. began as community members sharing family remedies and secrets for treating and preventing certain illnesses. Most of these illnesses were those easily contracted from one person to another. There was little focus on dietary needs, nutrition, exercise, or injury prevention, until automation, which brought about safety and injury prevention issues with the assembly line and introduction of the automobile. In the 1940s and 1950s prepayment of health insurance plans became popular as a means of gaining access to health care without destroying the household budget to receive health care services (Draper, 1950). Society began to adopt and embrace health insurance plans as a means of staying healthy and fighting illness or injury. The health insurance industry prospered as employers increasingly embraced ...

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The evolution of the promotion of health and disease prevention in the United States are examined.

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