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    Challenges in Health Promotion of Cancer

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    What are the three potential challenges in health promotion for cancer, from a sociology, psychology, education, epidemiology standpoint.

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    Health promotion is the process of enabling people to exert control over the determinants of health and thereby improve their overall health and prevent disease. Health promotion consists of a set of strategies to address the major health challenges faced by people such as chronic disease. Health promotion includes developing personal skills, strengthening community action, and creating supportive environments for health, backed by healthy public policy. Health promotion focuses on factors that may be outside the immediate control of individuals, including social, educational, and psychological factors.

    Self-efficacy or lack thereof is a common psychological factor affecting health promotion and prevention of chronic disease. Self-management of habits that enhance health and reduction of habits that impair it is good medicine. However, if people lack awareness of how their lifestyle habits affect their health, they have little reason to put themselves through ...

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    This solution defines health promotion of cancer then attempts to examine the challenges of health promotion of cancer from three views, sociology, psychology, education. This solution covers basic psychological factors that affect health promotion, as well as educational challenges, and social dilemmas of certain cancers and concludes with information about developing community health promotion plans. Approximately 500 words, references included, APA format