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    analysis of lung cancer

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    I need help composing an analysis of lung cancer as compared to other leading causes of death in the state of Georgia. Í'm supposed to do two pages regarding the questions below; however, I'm currently stuck and am not sure as to where to begin. I need to include the mortality rates and the costs of lung cancer (for the most recent year reported) in Georgia. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Could you analyze three key risk factors associated with lung cancer as it pertains to Georgia.

    Rank the three (3) key risk factors from order of biggest public health concern. Provide statistics or specific evidence from Georgia to support your ranking.

    For the highest key risk factor that you ranked above, analyze the efforts your state has taken to address that factor over the past 10 years.

    Consider the efforts Georgia has taken to overcome this risk factor. Then, recommend at least two (2) new tactics or strategies the state can take that will help lower that risk factor that has not been taken in the last 10 years. Provide a rationale and support for your recommendations.

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    Lung Cancer is a very serious problem in America, including in the state of Georgia. It is the "second most common cancer diagnosed in Georgia for men and women combined (The Georgia Department of Community Health, 2010)". Yearly, an average of 4,069 Georgians die of lung cancer. Here are some sites to assist you with the first part of the assignment. The most important website to use is the Georgia Department of Health. I suggest you start with an Introduction then, in one or two paragraphs, report on the prevalence and mortality rates of Lung Cancer in Georgia. Then, discuss the costs of treating lunch cancer. See below.

    Mortality rate of Lung Cancer in Georgia (most recent report taken in 2009)

    Contains statistics on prevalence of Lung Cancer (caused by tobacco use) in Georgia. Also, it contains projected lung cancer incidence and mortality rates through the year 2020.

    This is the 2010 Data Summary for Lung Cancer from the Georgia Department of Community health. You will see that males tend to have a higher incident rate of lung cancer than females (about 45% more likely). On a brighter note, if you compare the rates from 1999-2001 to those from 2005-2007, you'll see that the rate has generally decreased, especially amongst males. ...

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    An analysis of lung cancer is provided. The three risk factors associated with lung cancer as it pertains to Georgia are determined.