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    Illness Model vs Prevention for Health Care

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    How has the change from the illness or disease model to one that focuses on wellness and prevention changed the delivery of health care services?

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    For more than two decades, it has been clearly demonstrated that prevention WORKS. The unfortunate thing, in the earlier days, was that the state of affairs was not like now, where so few (corporate executives, benefits experts, health care advisors and administrators, etc.) were not pushing it at that time.

    As the baby boomers started getting to the AARP membership age, health care costs began to rise out of control the old factory style of deliver gained more scrutiny. Instead of just looking at people as a file number and moving into HIPA computerized billing and chart information, medical staff began realizing some of the old traditional ways, from ...

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    For cost effectiveness, adding prevention as an important element in health care delivery is discussed.