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Comparing corresponding elements of two matrices

I need step by step solutions for the following problems - 33 to 39.

Find the values of the variables in the matrix.

33) [7 -8 = [x y
8 -1] 8 z]

A) x = 7, y = -8, z = -1
B) x = 7, y = -8, z = 8
C) x = -8, y = 7, z = -1
D) x = 7, y = 8, z = -1

A bakery makes sweet rolls and donuts. A batch of sweet rolls requires 3 lb of flour, 1 dozen eggs, and 2 lb of sugar. A batch of donuts requires 5 lb of flour, 3 dozen eggs, and 2 lb of sugar. Set up an initial simplex tableau to maximize profit.

34) The bakery has 280 lb of flour, 220 dozen eggs, 210 lb of sugar. The profit on a batch of sweet rolls is $9.00 and on a batch of donuts is $14.00.

Find the periodic payment that will render the sum,

35) S = $68,000, interest is 12% compounded quarterly, payments are made at the end of each quarter for 5 years

A) $2283.56
B) $3395.99
C) $36.56.13
D) $2530.67

Find the probability of the given event.

36) A single fair die is rolled. The number on the die is a 3 or a 5.

A) 2
B) 1/3
C) 1/6
D) 1/36

How many distinguishable permutations of letters are possible in the word?


A) 720
B) 120
C) 36
D) 4320

Solve the problem.

38) If the life, in years, of a television set is normally distributed with a mean of 33 years and a standard deviation of 7 years, what should be the guarantee period if the company wants less than 3% of the television sets to fail while under warranty?

A) Less than 13.75 years
B) Less than 46.16 years
C) Less than 19.84 years
D) More than 19.84 years

39) The temperature of water in a certain lake on a day in October can be determined by using the model y = 15.2 - 0.537x where x is the number of feet down from the surface of the lake and y is the Celsius temperature of the water at that depth. Based on this model, how deep in the lake is the water 11 degrees? (Round to the nearest foot.)

A) 8
B) 64
C) 26
D) 49


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