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    Derivatives and Matrices

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    f(x,y) = 3/x + 5xy +2/y

    The 2nd derivative of f at this point is D^2f(x*,y*) = A 2 x 2 matrix

    I know the top right and bottom right are 5, but I am missing the top and bottom left. I believe the bottom left is 5 too. Also, what are the 2 eigenvalues?

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    df(x,y)/dx=-3/x^2+5y -> d^2f(x,y)/dx^2=6/x^3

    df(x,y)/dx=-3/x^2+5y -> d^2f(x,y)/dxdy=5

    df(x,y)/dy=5x-2/y^2 -> ...

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    Derivatives and matrices are examined.