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Applications of Matrices

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You are a high school math teacher and are introducing matrices to the classroom next week. It is very important to you to make a connection between the real world and this topic, so you decide to research in which applications matrices are used. To your surprise, you find several very useful applications, such as decoding and encoding messages, and decide to discuss two that you feel are important to the class. In the first paragraph, describe the two applications you chose (do not use decoding and encoding) and how they relate to matrices. Then in another paragraph, describe how you would present your lesson to the class

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This shows ways that a high school math teacher can introduce real-life applications of matrices in the classroom. Note: this does not present a fleshed-out lesson plan, merely a paragraph-style outline of activities that could be used.

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Application 1) Matrices are relevant to computer graphics. Transformational matrices can help computers model reflection, translation, rotation, and scaling.

Application 2) Matrices are useful for solving any real-life situations that can be modeled using systems of linear equations. Economics is one example, ...

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