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    PEST Analysis of Odeon Cinemas in the UK

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    I need a PEST analysis of Odeon cinemas in the UK, with references if possible.

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    PEST Analysis of Odeon Cinemas in the UK


    At the national level, The British Film Council (FBC) and the British Film Institute (FBI) are setting objectives, which promote ethical discourses of 'sustainability' and 'improved access', which are key themes of socially responsible marketing.

    · There are several national and supranational bodies that have a policy impact on the access to film as a commercial or a cultural product. These are the National Lottery, The British Film Institute, The British Film Council at the national, Eurimage and the MEDIA programme at the European and GATT at the international levels (http://www.art4development.net/Access%20to%20minority%20cinema%20in%20the%20UK.doc).

    · The introduction of the National Lottery in the UK has seen a significant change in the funding of the arts. The lottery funding has provided support for film production, latterly placing importance on the production of commercially successful film through the fund. The British Film Institute (BFI) has also been realigned to fit in with these new objectives of the British Film Council, its parent organization. The BFI is now responsible for increasing public appreciation of film, which can be achieved through improving public access to cinema, film heritage and educational provision (http://www.art4development.net/Access%20to%20minority%20cinema%20in%20the%20UK.doc).

    · In an attempt to develop access to a range of non mainstream films, the BFI has launched an initiative through the UCI and Odeon Multiplex cinema chains in the UK through which the BFI provide incentives to encourage the Multiplex cinemas to have regular screenings of low budget independent films rather than the blockbuster films that they normally screen. The Odeon group has introduced this scheme in eight towns ...

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