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    Survey Method Attitudes and Exhibits

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    A museum of arts in a large city wants to conduct a study of museum patrons' attitudes concerning its collection of exhibits. What survey method would you suggest? Why?

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    In this case, we have to deduce the sample size of patrons of a museum. A patron is a person who would financial support the museum, so even in a large museum, there is a probably only a small number of patrons (under 100). As well, our target audience is a convenience sample (we are not out to look for a random sample of people, our sample is self selected for us).

    So this means that we we do not need to do a mass email survey to get a random sample of people. Our methodology can be more intimate in nature.

    We have a few choices:

    A) We can telephone the patrons. This would work for several reasons. Firstly, when the surveyor calls the patrons, ...

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