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Foster Care for Children

Please reference this journal:
Reid, Norman. (2006). Thoughts on attitude measurement. Research in Science and Technological Education. 24(1): 3-27.

Task: Describe one or more ways you might measure changes in attitude towards the issue of foster care for children. Include some of the benefits and shortcomings of the method(s) of attitude measurement applied specifically to the social problem.

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As can be read in the article on measurement of attitudes, measurement of attitudes about children in foster care will also require methodical design in an evaluative study where the direction of such attitudes is to be measured.

The attitudes can be changed by the way of educating people about the foster care process and what entails
foster caring for children of parents whose situation calls for their children to be placed in foster care.

Individuals will need to control passing negative judgments on fostering parents and the children in the foster care. Besides educating people about foster care needs and processes, it will also be helpful to have better accountability for the ...