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research Procedures- how to start?

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Would someone help me decide what type of research procedures would be to use in conducting a research about Foster Care Children and the foster care system?

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The solution provides information & advise to students in putting together a decision on research procedures (see above) that would be useful in doing research on the subject of Foster Care children. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word-version is attached.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. But before studying the solution there are a few things that you need to think about. You did not indicate the 'topic' of your research. You have identified that you want to study foster care children - this is your target population - but what about them specifically do you want to study? To conduct a study you must have a good topic of study. It starts with a question. I would suggest something like this:

'How painful is the act of 'removal' from their parents for foster children? In what ways does it affect them?'

Now you have a subject of study - this is the first step in research, you can design the process of study knowing what you need to do. I suggest the process below. Any questions, just let me know via the ...

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