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Task Analysis

Task analyze three procedures that you would use in the classroom.
General Procedure: Student Assignments
Needed Procedures (Broad):
1.How to find work missed when absent
2.How late work will be handled
3.Heading papers
4.Where to hand in work
Specific Procedures (Concrete):
1.Refer to notebook
Your task analysis should present a sequence of steps. Refer to the example above.

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Please find below my solution that you can use in responding to your homework.

The procedures that I have given are specifically meant for elementary classes/students and in a school which uses a set of school wide procedures in almost everything that the students do so that they are properly guided and they already know how to behave in certain situations, and what are expected of them.

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A. General Procedure: Reading a Book
Needed Procedures:
1. How to find a book to read.
2. How to read the book.
3. Evaluating a student's reading skill.
4. How to know when to start reading a book.
5. What to do after reading a book.
Specific Procedures:
1. Pick up the book.
2. Open the book on the page stated by the teacher.
3. Place the book in front of your eyes at proper distance.
4. Look at the first word at the top and leftmost of the page.
5. Scan the text of the page by looking at the words from left to right, line-by-line.
6. Say each word as you scan it with your eyes.
B. General Procedure: Taking an ...

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Procedures that are used in the classroom on three (3) tasks: reading a book, taking an exam, copying notes