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    Complex Behavior and Task Analysis Application

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    Identify and discuss complex behavior and the procedure(s) you used to conduct a task analysis.

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    People who exhibit complex behaviors that require task analysis is most commonly found in individuals with underlying factors such as autism, mental illness, retardation, our youth with learning gaps compared to their peers. It's these types of situations that would call for a task analysis type of process to help these individuals learn to master the steps in complex behaviors that may seem very easy to "normal" adults or children not suffering from a mental condition (Min, 2013).
    Some examples of a commonly accepted behavior that is actually a complex behavior for an individual with a mental condition would be brushing their teeth or tying of their shoes. Humans being unaware actually perform many behaviors daily that are actually very complex based on the actual singular, discrete, smaller sub specific steps that are required to complete the "routine task".
    Consider a person who is tired or impaired by medication or alcohol as an example - they struggle to do normal routine tasks such as tying their shoes, driving a vehicle, and so forth thus showing us the normal human brain has been trained and conditioned to master many sub-tasks and chain them together to accomplish overarching complex tasks. Then humans use memory to quickly repeat these learned sub-behaviors in a manner to regularly achieve complex tasks making them look simple (Min, 2013).
    Obviously individuals with complex behavior issues will struggle to perform the complex tasks of their peer groups because of their brains inability to quickly recount the steps in the chain and put together the entire behavior chain needed to complete some tasks. This is where task analysis becomes useful for psychologist and teachers who are trying to help resolve these problems.
    Task analysis is used to break down each specific step in a problem and focuses on mastering one step at a time until the entire behavior can be learned at a pace ...

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    This solution focuses on understanding complex behavior and how to use task analysis as a method of "chaining" behavior events to help individuals conquer complex tasks. It explains with examples how to break down behavior learning steps into sub-steps to help overcome learning challenges. It is in APA with references cited.