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Distributing Project Information

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Project information should not only be distributed to the right people at the right time, it should also be distributed in the best possible way.

Consider the aspects of distribution of project information and respond to the following:
-Identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distributing project information.
-Explain, with two examples, how communication skills enable effective distribution of project information.
-Explain, with two examples, how modification in organizational policies and procedures can improve distribution of project information.

cite and list all references used.

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-Identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of distributing project information.

Consider the advantages of distributing information on a project deals with sharing data pertinent to the establishment of the scope objectives. The manual and electronic method of distribution offer a concrete advantages by an effort in assuring everyone of the team understands the protocols relating to the project. Try and think of the disadvantages of different ways of distributing is time delays during manual transition and incorrect data being shared. The project manager is critical to assuring the details reflect a strategic effort to accomplishing the set goals within the communicator. Aim in focusing on the sharing of information relating to the project that ...

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The review into Distributing Project Information for effectively managing project management.

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To understand where a business is heading and wanting to improve where the organization has been, an organization needs to create a strategic plan along with a communication plan. By developing a communication plan and consistently following it, an organization will see enhanced business improvements and increased profits. The communication plan will detail the communication that will take plan and the owner of that communication. The method of communication can be oral or written, with the message of the objectives, goals, and the time frame in which the goals are to be met.

The primary objective of this Communication Plan is to provide a formal format for corporate information to be transpired among colleagues, shareholders, investors and employees. This plan will identify the best practices for exchanging communications, where they are permitted and how correspondences should be sent via electron methods or otherwise. This plan will also detail Federal and State law communication, how to deal with public relations, and how techniques and confidential communications will transpire.


The company will communicate in the most utmost professional manner the details of the day to day business dealings , executive decisions, stocks, exchanges

The organization will utilize all methods possible to communicate with staff, shareholders and the public this will include but is not limited to:
? print publications
? online communications
? meeting and conference materials
? media relations and public relations materials
? marketing and sales tools
? legal documents
? reception communication
? voice mail content and all recordings
? committee and board meeting minutes
? corporate identity materials, including letterhead, logo, and envelopes
? surveys


Communication for the company will continue on a basis in which information will be constantly provided by:
? monthly reports on work in progress and numbers
? formal updates and changes written in communications and distributed
? department meetings with report updates and presentations for staff meetings
? town hall meetings for employee updates
? formal periodic report briefs to department heads, managers and directors
? a year-end summary for the annual report

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