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Multiproject Resource Scheduling

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Present two reasons scheduling resources is an important task and describe how outsourcing project work can help alleviate some of the common problems associated with multiproject resource scheduling.
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Resource scheduling can be defined as determining schedule dates on which activities should be performed. It is an important task because it is used to smooth the demand for resources. In other words, it minimizes the variations in demand for resources. For example, there are certain periods when demand peaks out and we never seem to have enough resources on hand available at one period of time to meet that demand. Resource scheduling thus tried to eliminate this problem by planning the resource requirements in advance and distributing it in a manner so as to cause least variation and in turn, thus avoid shortage at critical times. Thus, resource scheduling also helps to make the most efficient use of available ...

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This solution discusses resource scheduling and outsourcing to manage multiproject resource scheduling in 350 words with three online references.

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Explain the following. Scheduling multiproject resources can be a difficult thing to do and ultimately affect all projects in a negative way if not done correctly. Some companies use a first come-first served approach to deal with multiproject scheduling, while others are now using software developed just to help with scheduling multiproject resources. Outsourcing project work is another way companies can use to deal with multiproject resource scheduling. Companies can pick a certain projects that are more important to the company than other and focus on those while outsourcing the other projects that may not be as critical or not as many resources exist internally.

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