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Project Management: Resource Scheduling

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1. How does resource scheduling tie to project priority?
2. How does resource scheduling reduce flexibility in managing projects?
3. Present six reasons scheduling resources is an important task.
4. How can outsourcing project work alleviate the three most common problems associated with multiproject resource scheduling?
5. Explain the risks associated with leveling resources, compressing or crashing projects, and imposed durations or "catch-up" as the project is being implemented.
6. Why is it critical to develop a time-phased baseline?

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Significance of Resource Scheduling in Project
Resource scheduling refers to a timetable that ensures adequate availability of resources on the real time basis. A proper scheduling of resources enables managers to examine the amount and time of resource that may require by a specific project activity. There are limited resources are available for organization and their effective use enables it to obtain additional benefits that's why it tie to project priority (Babler, 2011).

Scheduling of resources is helpful for the project managers to identify best application areas of each resource that maintains their adequate flow and contributes in effective implementation of project accordingly. An inadequate flow of resources is reasonably developed significant difficulties in project execution that responsible to create additional cost for an organization (Lester, 2006). Therefore, project success largely depends over the resource scheduling and due to this it ties with project execution on priority basis.

Resource Scheduling in Project Management
The use of scheduling in resource-constrained projects is responsible to reduce the flexibility aspects in project management. The framework of resource scheduled is quite complex and compact in nature that it becomes difficult for managers to make any changes during the project. It disables them to make significant adjustments in use and availability of resources for addressing any project risk. In addition, any change in resource scheduling is reasonably modified critical path of project that creates significant risk for whole project planning process. A slight change in critical path is created major additional cost for a project (Levin, 2010). ...

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