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Power Train, Ltd: Managing Resource Constraint

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See attached case file for Power Train, Ltd.

How would you create a system to manage the resource constraints? Your answer must be supported with the facts of the case.

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The solution discusses the managing resource constraint for the Power Train, Ltd.

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Managing Resource Constraint:

Power Train Ltd is an organization that has recorded a growing rate of 6% per year in the past years of operations. The operations of the company are geared towards the designing and the creation of the best-quality power trains for farm tractor companies. The company now has more planning projects and scheduling using the multi-projects softwares. At this expanding phase of the corporation, there are diverse problems that have been experienced (Resource Constraints, 2005).

One of the major issues that are being faced by the organization is the ineffective allocation of relevant tasks to the highly qualified personnel of the corporation. This was evidenced in the MF project which was not a complex undertaking ...

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