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    Under-Utilized or Misused Applications

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    Companies sometimes purchase expensive applications, and then under-utilize or misuse these. In a sense, the economic downturn has been beneficial, as many companies are beginning to more regularly scrutinize the programs they are investing in, to confirm they are purchased for the right reasons, and used more effectively.

    Have you come across any business/management-related applications that have been misused or under-used? If so, suggest ways in which those applications could have been better used by the companies concerned.

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    Under-utilization of Applications

    Under-utilization of Applications
    Yes, I have come across a situation that was based on under-utilization of applications. ABC Ltd had purchased Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application to ensure the integration of external and internal resources of the organization (Wallace & Kremzar, 2001). As nowadays, organizations follow the steps of their rival firms to maintain their competency in the market, so ABC Ltd had also followed or adopted the same ...

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    The expert examines under-utilized or misused applications in companies purchasing expensive applications.