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PBS video The Watch List - The Medication of Foster Children

Watch the PBS video The Watch List- The Medication of Foster Children ( Discuss the alleged over-prescription of psychotropic medication to foster children outlined in the video. Support your conclusions with at least three sources in addition to the video. Address at least two of the following questions in your paper with critical thinking and research:

Are psychiatric medications safe for children? Why or why not?
Are children being overprescribed medications? What beliefs lead you to take the position you have chosen?
Who or what is responsible for the epidemic of overprescribed medication suggested in the video?
What are some alternative methods of effective treatment for children with mental health issues?
Provide at least three resources in addition to the video to support your position.

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In the video PBS The Watch List, the focus is on children being over-prescribed psychotropic medication such as powerful antipsychotics, which represent the top sellers for pharmaceutical companies with the video highlighting how the sales for these drugs represented $14.6 billion in the year before the documentary alone. Children in foster care are 9 times more likely to have been given a prescription for ...

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