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Community Building PBS

Watch the PBS report titled, The Economy of a Tent City. Retrieved on July 7, 2010 from

In this video, Adam Davidson finds a rich, complex economy sprouting in Port-au-Prince's temporary settlements.

1). What are the primary principles involved in community building?

2). Describe what is meant by enhancing a community's strengths and what kinds of efforts would be involved in working toward positive change.

3). Discuss how these principles are either working or not working in the PBS report about Haiti's rebuilding efforts.

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1) The primary principles involved in community building include the formulation of a detailed plan or strategy by which to build a strong and prosperous community. Another key principle involved in this process is gaining adequate financial resources as well as human resources to make the community building process effective and efficient. A third very important principle in this process is to ensure that you have the support of the local population in the community building process. It is also pertinent ...

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The complex economy and sprouting in Port-eu-Prince's temporary is examined. What is meant by enhancing a community's strengths and the kinds of efforts which would be involved IN working towards positive change is determined.