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Art Museum Virtual Tour

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Are there any Art Museums that a virtual tour can be taken?

If so.
1.How do the technologies can be used to enrich these types of sites?

2.How is the tours content and function?
What technologies are used to make the experince in tours memorable?

3.Are these sites typically user friendly in terms of flow, organization and technologies?

4. Can you provide me with some sites who has virtual tours?

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Art Museum Virtual Tour types are listed.

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1. Are there any Art Museums that a virtual tour can be taken?
If so. How do the technologies can be used to enrich these types of

The advent of the www has inadvertently brought the museum walls came crushing down and created in its place virtual museums without walls.

Key points that technologies can be used to enrich these types of sites:

~ The www's (world wide web) ability to defuses medium, democratises art and add infinitum

~ In the desire to reach out to an even wider audience, museums have make art more accessible now to a global scope

~ Bringing side by side works of art from all over the world that otherwise could never be seen together, just because they are housed in various institutions or scattered in different locations, indoors and outdoors; transcending all physical boundaries and barriers,
transforming the way art is experienced, appreciated and understood

~ The virtual space of the Internet, with the constant advancement of technologies pushing the limits in terms of digital photography, video, sound, animation, quick time virtual reality, and its capacity to diffuse instantaneously, has brought the museum wall crushing down and in turn created virtual museums without walls

~ This adds flexibilities as art works can now be consulted and contemplated at the convenience and privacy of one's own home all with the click of a few mouse buttons

~ No more visiting hours needed, at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world, internet visitors can now have the impression of absolute freedom and complete access to any part of the museum collections ...

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