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    Segmenting the Market According to Segmentation Bases

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    Assume you are manager of a family restaurant franchise that just opened in Kansas City, MO. How would you segment the market according to segmentation bases and why? How will those choices affect your marketing plan?

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    A family restaurant franchise is designed to serve families. However, it may also serve retired couples and various groups, such as bowling teams, sports teams and clubs. I would segment the market in the following way.

    Families with young children

    Families with teens

    Families with college students

    Sports teams

    Special interest groups

    Seniors and senior couples

    Though families may be segmented by socioeconomic groups, it is far better to segment families, based on the ages of their children. Specific age groups of children prefer different types of foods. It is simpler to reach children of each age group ...

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    The solution discusses how would you segment the market according to segmentation bases and why.