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Fragmentation of Society: Current Scientific Methods

Given the increasing fragmentation of society, and an apparent desire for greater individuality among consumers, are current scientific methods of analysis and segmentation a short-sighted oversimplification?

(We should choose examples from own experience or find appropriate cases on the Web that you can discuss. Of course, credit will be given for references that we make to relevant examples from real companies).

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Consumer Segmentation

Critical Evaluation of Current Scientific Methods

Nowadays, due to increased competition, firms have started segmenting individual customers and fragmenting the society to ensure customized marketing. This change has originated oversimplification of segmentation (Ludes, 2008). Different scientific methods are used by the firms to analyze the customer's needs and segment the market that increases society fragmentation and apparent desire for greater individuality among the customers. This oversimplification has both positive as well as negative aspects for the business organizations.

Positive Side:

Different modes are used by the firms under the scientific method. In this, customers are observed individually for determining their needs and wants (Europe's leading center for development studies, 2011). It helps the firm in analyzing and following current market trends to fulfill the desire of the customers. After this, hypothesis is build by the firms to segment the market and target customers. Implementation is the next step of the scientific method. It helps the firm in determining the success or failure of the ...

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The solution discusses the fragmentation of society and the current scientific methods short sighted.