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    Example of how to summarize a scientific article

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    I need to summarize this biology article related to human zygote by following sections:
    Background information & importance to biology
    Question researched
    Hypothesis/Predictions made
    Material and Methods (Details not required)

    Length doesn't matter.
    Thank you.

    Please use the following reference:
    Ivakhnenko, V., Cieslak, J., & Verlinsky, Y. (2000). A microsurgical technique for enucleation of multipronuclear human zygotes. Human Reproduction, 15(4), 911-916.

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    This paper describes a microsurgical technique to remove extra nuclei from abnormal human zygotes created during infertility treatments. Removal of pronuclei from zygotes is a proven valuable technique in embryological studies, however the authors feel that this technique has been not sufficiently studied in humans, because of limited sources of zygotes and political constraints. Working with these zygotes provide great research opportunities for embryologists and can result in the information needed to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. However, previous studies have ...

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    In this solution I help the student find and summarize the following sections of a scientific paper: the introduction, the question researched, the hypothesis, the methods, the results, and the conclusion.