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Ecosystem Valuation

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Briefly summarize the contents of these readings (Pendleton, et.al. and Constanza, et.al.) and provide a thoughtful response to the readings. Connect your response to how people perceive the ecosystem and the concept of environmental justice.

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In the Pendleton case, there seems to be a situation where there is an inverse relationship between the realities of the pollution problem within the Pacific Ocean, and what individuals perceive to be the level pollution in the Pacific Ocean. It seems that the individuals in this area have not taken the time to verify their perceptions, by taking the time to read the bacteriological measurement outcomes. This is due to the fact that the scientific measurements provide indications that the pollution level is much less than what individuals in that area perceive it to be. This article also illuminates the fact that the individuals in the Los Angeles area are much more reluctant to utilize the beaches for recreational purposes, due to their distorted perception of the level ...

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This solution describes important aspects of ecosystem valuation.

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Perception and Economic Valuation

Comment on how the statement below relates to economic valuation of ecosystem services "...Southern Californians continue to view (perceive) the ocean more as a reservoir for pollution than a vibrant and natural place for bathing and swimming. Nearly half of all Angelenos interviewed in this study cite water pollution as the major reason for not going to the beach." (Pendleton et al. 2001)

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