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    The Concept of Environmental Justice

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    Respond to the following statement from the article:
    "The issue of valuation is inseparable from the choices and decisions we have to make about ecological systems....But there are equally compelling moral arguments that may be in direct conflict with the moral argument to protect ecosystems; for example, the moral argument that no one should go hungry." (pg. 255)
    On your response, comment on environmental justice and the relationship between the value of ecosystem services and the allocation of these services to all of society. Support your ideas with examples from the notes (attached) and the article.

    See the following reference: Costanza, R., d'Arge, R., De Groot, R., Faber, S., Grasso, M., Hannon, B., ... & Raskin, R. G. (1997). The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital.

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    Environmental justice is a concept that demands that there be a balance between maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem, and the efficient utilization of the resources within this ecosystem, for the betterment of mankind. This means that environmental management would demand that there be a focused effort on maintaining the health and cleanliness of the environment and ecosystem, which would include such activities as the reforestation of areas after trees, have been cut for lumber. In addition, this concept ...

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    This solution describes the importance of utilizing environmental justice in resource allocation.