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Environmental injustices in a community

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Ethical obligations to the environment are usually closely connected to ethical obligations toward people, particularly poor people and minority groups. Environmental justice is about ensuring that no group is made to bear a disproportionate burden of environmental harm. Environmental justice is also about ensuring that governments develop and enforce regulations fairly across different segments of society. The environmental justice movement has forced environmentalists to recognize that you cannot think about protecting nature without also thinking about people.

As you move around your community this week, identify the areas that appear to have the worst environmental quality. Find out the general description of the people who live and work closest to these areas. Do you think there are any environmental injustices in your community? Why or why not?

Must be a minimum of 300-500 words.

If you have any trouble please let me know.
. Environmental Quality(w2a1)....helpful information .
Also, before you begin writing, I want to clarify the meaning of environmental justice.....environmental justice refers to an equitable spatial distribution of burdens and benefits across the board. Another way of saying this is that if there is "good stuff" or "bad stuff" it should be spread evenly throughout a community; the "bad stuff" (like pollution, industrial facilities, crime, etc..) should not be disproportionately dispersed among racial minorities or residents of economically disadvantaged areas. If it IS, then this would be considered environmental injustice, and often the root cause is institutionalized racism, unresponsive or unaccountable government policies and regulations or lack of resources or power in affected communities.

I do want to point out, that sometimes, the "poor side of town" is run down or littered with trash and less desirable, but that is not necessarily an environmental injustice, but rather a product of the people in the community......unless the community and elected officials as a whole are purposefully allowing that to happen. So just seeing a side of town that doesn't "look as nice" as other areas wouldn't really qualify as an environmental injustice...maybe a disservice, but not an injustice......ok, with that, you can begin!!!!!

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The environmental injustices in a community are discussed. Environmental quality is analyzed and identified.

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The unfortunate reality in the world is that poor people across the globe and minorities in affluent countries are subjected to the worst environmental issues that plague the world. Over 35 new infectious diseases have been attributed to environmental changes caused by humans with those living in third world countries suffering the brunt of the impact of these diseases. Countries that suffer from loss of habitat and deforestation such as Haiti are more prone to floods when it rains, which ...

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