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    Meiosis, Crossing Over and the Formation of Sperm & Egg

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    Explain the process of meiosis in the formation of sperm and egg. Describe how many chromatids you start with before meiosis.

    I. Explain crossing over.

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    Here is a short discussion that will help you answer the questions in your assignment. The most important thing to know about meiosis is that it generates gametes (sex cells) and has a haploid number. This differs from mitosis which produces daughter cells that are clones of the mother cell, each daughter cell having a diploid number. Below you will find all the information you need to answer all questions.

    First of all, it's important to know that chromosomes are important because they carry the building blocks of our entire ...

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    This solution contains over 600 words, diagrams and links to additional resources. Background information is included to help students fully understand the processes related to sperm and egg formation, including crossing over.