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    MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS - The concepts

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    I understand that, in a diploid animal cell, during metaphase of mitosis the chromsomes are aligned along the equator of the cell and, during metaphase 1 of meiosis the homologous chromosomes are drawn into pairs and then aligned along the equator of the cell.

    (i) What is the significance of the different positions of the chromosomes at these stages of mitosis and meiosis, and what does this mean for the type of progeny cells that result?

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    Meiosis is the process by which sperm and egg cells are created. ONLY cells that are going to become sperm and egg undergo meiosis. Each daughter cell has 23 chromosomes. (haploid cell)

    What's the purpose of mitosis? To create an exact copy of a cell. No change in chromosome numbers or anything. In metaphase - duplicated chromosomes line up at the midline of the cell, called ...

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