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Cell Biology: Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis.

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At one time, organisms were only the size of one cell; they divided and developed into the individuals like humans that are made of trillions of cells. Every cell in the human body received a copy of an original nucleus with the exact same genes and chromosomes. All of the cells in the body evolved from a single cell.

Mitosis and meiosis play a part in the replication of cells. Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis. Then, fill out the following chart:

Type of Mutation

What Does it do? List a link or source

Insertion -

Deletion -

Substitution -

Frame Shift -

Check out the text for ideas. Then move on to outside resources. Do not forget to provide at least one FULL reference!

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The solution assists in comparing and contrasting mitosis and meiosis.

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Mitosis and meiosis differ in a couple of regards. First, the purpose of mitosis is to make a replication of all the DNA content in the daughter cell. It is normally associated with asexual reproduction. Meiosis is cell division with the goal of producing half of the DNA ...

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