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    Please answer the attached questions about meiosis (attached).

    LAB 10-A

    1- With respect to the number of chromosomes, compare interphase of mitosis to interkinesis (between division I and II) of meiosis.
    2- Which cell division process (meiosis I, Meiosis II, mitosis, or some combination) corresponds to the following statements?

    a. The resulting cell contains one chromosome of each pair
    b. There is pairing of homologous chromosomes
    c. Each chromosome duplicates itself
    d. Each daughter cell contains the same kind and number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
    e. Haploid cells are formed from diploid cells
    f. The nuclear membrane disintegrates.

    3- During that phase of meiosis does division of centromeres occur?
    4- During what phase of meiosis do double-stranded chromosomes move to opposite poles?

    LAB 10-B

    2- During what phase of meiosis does synapsis and crossing over occur?

    3- If crossing over occurs between genes A(a) and B(b) of these homologous chromosomes, what would be the genetic composition of the resulting cells of meiosis


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