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The Different Phases of Meiosis

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If a child more strongly resembles one parent's physical traits than the other parent's, the explantion could be due to chromosome movements during?

A. anaphase II
B. metaphase II
C. prophase II
D. anaphase I
E. telophase I

This study is discussed.

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Meiosis is explained using strong examples. The chromosome movements during the different phases of meiosis are determined.

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What your question is really asking is: At what point in Meiosis determines the contribution of a given parent to their gametes (the haploid products of meiosis)? It is possible for one parent to randomly contribute more dominant traits, resulting in a child that "more strongly resembles them".
<br>So back to the question: When does this occur in meiosis? First examining the two phases (I and II) of ...

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