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    Description of the cell cycle

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    Briefly describe all phases of the cell cycle and tell what happens in each.

    a)Interphase: G1, S phase, G2 phase.

    b)M phase

    If a cell never entered the resting phase would it be a problem? Why?

    What is the "Independent Assortment" of chromosomes? Who is associated with this theory? During what phase of Meiosis 1 does it occur?

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    a) Interphase is where the cell spends most of its time. In interphase you perform general functions, synthesize DNA and proteins, and generally just survive and prepare for division. Within interphase, you have G1, S, and G2 phases. In G1, you have cell growth and a majority of the protein synthesis. In S phase, the DNA is replicated in preparation for division. In G2 phase, you have doubled your DNA and resume normal function ...

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    In this solution the phases of cell cycle, including G1, S, and G2 especially, are described. Also, independent assortment of chromosomes is explored in detail and where it occurs in meiosis. The definition and clarification of the Law of Independent Assortment are especially focused upon.