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    The growth processes and life cycles of plants and animals

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    Compare/contrast the growth process and life cycle of plants and animals.

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    Ploidy - the number of copies of genetic information that an organism has in its cells.
    Haploid* - ONE copy of genetic information. Often represented in diagrams simply as "n"
    Diploid* - TWO copies of genetic information (one from each parent). Often represented simply as "2n"
    Gamete - single cell haploid
    Gametophyte - multi-cellular haploid (in PLANTS only)
    Sporophyte - multi-cellular diploid (in PLANTS only)
    Fertilization - when two haploid gametes join to form a diploid zygote
    Mitosis - cell division (can be either diploid or haploid cells)
    Meiosis - special kind of cell division where a regular diploid cell forms 4 haploid gamete cells

    * without understanding these definitions, in particular, none of this will make ...

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    Here we compare and contrast the life cycles of plants and animals. First, several key definitions will be provided followed by a general description of each life cycle. Finally, several points about the similarities and differences are made.