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Evaluating Information for Relevancy, Reliability, and Bias

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Why do you think it is important to evaluate information for relevancy, reliability, and bias? What are possible consequences for not conducting this evaluation?

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This solution of 380 words discusses the importance of evaluating information for relevancy, reliability and bias as well as the consequences. References used are included.

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I'm going to explain my thoughts on the relevant, reliability, and bias aspects of a good research website. This can also be applied to essays and research papers.

Determining whether a website is relevant is important in order to ensure the topic on hand is being discussed. You want to make sure the website contains the information you are looking for. You can ask yourself several questions to ensure the website is relevant: 1. What topics are covered within this website? 2. Do these topics cover what I need? 3. Is the website published by a well-known individual with ...

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