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Harry Potter

My assignment is to write a paper dealing with an issue, analyzing and synthesizing the information. Include the facts, well documented and well-organized arguments on both sides of the issue, and conclude with your own informed opinion about how the issue might be resolved and/or strategies for addressing the issue. (You are allowed to write in the FIRST person for this final part of your paper.) Be clear and concise.
Provide citations for information you obtained in your research using MLA format.
The paper should be 7-10 pages in length, 12pt font, 1" margins, double-spaced.

I chose "Controversy surrounding a particular author or title."
My title is "The Controversies of Harry Potter Books in School Libraries"
The surrounding issue will include Laura Mallory, a mom in Gwinnett County Georgia who tried to get these books taken off the Gwinnett County Library school book shelves. I need whatever information I can get on this subject. Please help!

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Below, you will find links to various websites that will hopefully assist you in being successful with your paper. I have included websites about Laura Mallory and websites about the banning of Harry Potter in public schools in general.
The above link is about a group of people in Virgina who were anti ...

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Controversy surrounding Harry Potter books.