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You ask your working group to consider the powerful concept of an anti hero or monster. In order to get everyone interested, you go to one of the oldest known texts --- 'Beowulf' in search of inspiration.

Compare the plot, character and setting of Beowulf with a popular text from a film, TV, novel) which demonstrates this notion of a monster.

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First, you might compare the plot of Beowulf to Harry Potter novels and films. Just as Hrothgar's kingdom sets the tale for the action of Beowulf, you might parallel it with Harry Potter in terms of plot. Please note how Beowulf embodies good versus evil themes in its plot coverage as Grendel crosses from his dark world to kill and destroy. Just as Grendel attacks and preys upon his victims, even murdering thirty warriors in one single raid, Harry Potter novels and films also depict this carnage in terms of plot.

Just as Beowulf ...

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