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    Pagan vs. Christian Literary Works

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    Considering both Pagan and Christian works in the early middle ages, how do the Pagans and Christians treat their themes differently? In what ways are the themes the same? Provide examples.

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    As for the two treating their themes differently, when Christianity was introduced to England, the people began to follow a strict uniform belief in one God and the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. The Church quickly became a very powerful institution, and Christianity dominated almost every aspect of the people's lives. So naturally, the Christian works in the early Middle Ages focused mostly on the religion and the church.

    In Paganism, the literary themes focused mostly on ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts Pagan and Christian literary works in the early middle ages and discusses the point when the two literary styles begin to converge, resulting in stories, like Beowulf, that use the Pagan themes of witch craft and magic to explore Christian ideas. Additionally, this solution provides a reference to a useful article, which may be leveraged for further research of the topic.