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    Artistic, literary, and religious figures from Middle Ages

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    Help with selecting an artistic, literary, religious, or technological figure from each of the three time periods below is given: the Early Middle Ages
    the Middle Ages
    the early Renaissance

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    As you compare and contrast the figures, please allow some of my ideas to help:

    1. First, as you look at the early middle ages, you might choose the figure or character of Beowulf as your choice of prolific story. Please note how the piece reflects its historical context since its setting and characters "date back to the period before the migration. The action of the poem takes place around 500 A.D. Many of the characters in the poem?the Swedish and Danish royal family members, for example?correspond to actual historical figures. Originally pagan warriors, the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian invaders experienced a large-scale conversion to Christianity at the end of the sixth century" ...

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    This job offers research to further explore Beowulf and other figures within these historical realms.