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Intellectual, Political and Artistic Parts of the Renaissance

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What were the core intellectual, political, and artistic characteristics of the Italian Renaissance (c. 1350-1550 CE)? Describe two figures that seem to represent especially important Renaissance characteristics. Explain your reasoning.

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Well you might start out by explaining that toward the end of the 14th century AD, a handful of Italian thinkers declared that they were living in a new age. The "Middle Ages" were over, they said and the new age would be a "rinascità" ("rebirth") of learning and literature, art and culture.

So breaking it down now by :
Intellectual: It was a great time for science and technology. Many Renaissance intellectuals focused on defining, understanding the laws of nature, as well as the physical world. Pioneering studies of human anatomy were discovered for one. Another was that all objects fall at he same rate of acceleration.

Political: ...

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The core intellectual, political and artistic characteristics of the Italian renaissance are determined. The two figures that seem to represent especially important Renaissance characteristics are described.

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